The purpose of these lotteries is to provide an exciting opportunity for Pi Coin users to potentially win valuable prizes by purchasing lottery tickets with their Pi Coins. It adds an element of fun and reward to the Pi Coin ecosystem.

Yes, in general, everyone who has a Pi Coin account can participate in the lotteries. However, there may be certain restrictions or eligibility criteria for specific lotteries, such as age restrictions or geographical limitations, which will be clearly outlined in the lottery details.

Absolutely! You can participate in multiple lotteries at the same time. Our platform allows you to choose and purchase tickets for multiple lotteries, increasing your chances of winning exciting prizes.

Yes, to ensure fairness and to provide more people with the opportunity to win, there is usually a maximum limit on the number of tickets you can buy for a specific lottery. This limit will be clearly specified for each lottery, and it’s important to respect this limit.

We will send the prize to the address you provide. Shipping is free for European Union countries. For other countries, There may be shipping charges. The winner is responsible for any customs fees.

No, our lotteries are exclusively for Pi Coin users, and tickets can only be purchased using Pi Coins. We encourage you to participate in the Pi Coin ecosystem and use your Pi Coins for this exciting opportunity.

The lottery will be over once all the tickets will be sold!
when the ticket limit is reached lottery will draw the winner automatically and we will share all the relevant details about the prize with them